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  • Bid increment: " + document.forms[1].INC.value + "
  • BuyItNow Price: " + document.forms[1].BUYIT.value + "
  • Category: " + document.forms[1].CATEGORY.options[document.forms[1].CATEGORY.options.selectedIndex].text + "
  • Days until close: " + document.forms[1].DAYS.value + "
  • Dutch:" + document.forms[1].DUTCH.value + "
  • Quantity: " + document.forms[1].QTY.value + "
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Instructions on runing the bulklister.html on your home computer and using a saved item posting data file! Use your web browser to save a copy of the bulklister.html file (the Bulk Lister page) to your home computer, then copy the following text below and paste it into a text file using a text editor then save it as a text file named bulklister.txt, The bulklister.txt data file must be placed in the same dir on your home computer as the bilklister.html file your saved. Then you run the bulklister.html file localy using your webbrowser.

"); P.document.write(expD); P.document.write("
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Auction Item Bulk Lister
Insert information for 1 or more auctions and then upload them all at once Bulk Lister Help

Post A New Item

Title/Item Name:
Select One
Image URL:
Optional, should be no larger than 200x200
Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Days Until Close:
Auto Relist:
Optional, this will allow you to relist your item up to 2 times if not sold equal to the same runing days as you entered above.
Number of times to relist item:
Description Title Color :
This is the font color you would like the decsription title to be.
Description Title Size :
This is the font size you would like the description title to be.
Description Title:
This is the description title of your item.
Description Color :
This is the font color you would like the decsription to be.
Description Size :
This is the font size you would like the description to be.
May include HTML with no Java, as Java code will be removed. - The description should include all information the buyer should know including the shipping carrier and shipping fees.
Special Arrangements
Payment Type:

Select the type of payments you will accept.
Select One
See item description for payment methods accepted.
Master Card
Debit Card
Money Order
Personal Check
Master Card, Visa
Master Card, Visa, Debit Card
Master Card, PayPal
Visa, PayPal
Money Order
PayPal, Money Order
Personal Check, Money Order
PayPal, Personal Check, Money Order
Master Card, Money Order
PayPal, Master Card, Money Order
Master Card, Visa, Money Order
Master, Visa, Debit, Money order
PayPal, Master, Visa, Debit, Money order
Shipping Cost:

Who will pay the shipping cost of this auction item.
Select One
Buyer Pays
Seller Pays
Buyer & Seller Splits

Desc the condition of the item your selling at auction.
Select One
This is optional, Will add a counter to your page to monitor your auction page visits.
Auction Item page view counter::
Counter Fee: $0.00
Sell your auction item with these added options!
The next items are optional, but will make your auction item stand out among others, and will increase the number of bids. These options do have a small fee, and are charged to your account even if you do not sell your item!
Attention Grabbers:
Really make your auction stand out from the crowd with these special icons for only $0.25
Auction Back Ground Music:
Really make your auction stand out from the crowd with back ground music for only $0.50
Classic Hip-Hop Jazz Pop
Rock Classical Urban Alternative
Full Featured Gallery Listed On The Main Home Page (Must Have a image linked or uploaded):
cost: $2.00
Will be viewed by anyone entering the Classified Ad website.
Select One
Full Featured Listed On The Main Home Page:
cost: $2.00
Will be viewed by anyone entering the auction website.
Select One
Category featured list on category page:
cost: $1.00
Will be listed in special feature section of whatever category you place it in.
Select One
Highlighted yellow background title:
cost: $0.50
This is a real nice attention grabber.
Select One
Bold font title:
cost: $0.50
The famous BOLD TITLE! This is a real nice attention grabber.
Select One
Auction Type Standard or Fixed Price Dutch Auction

Select this if you have more than one of the same item for auction.
price does not change on dutch auction items
Select One
Quantity if yes dutch selected: Quantity
Your Starting Bid or if Dutch the fixed selling price:
do not include the $ sign or ,
Your Reserve Price:
You are not obligated to sell below this price. Leave 0.00 for no reserve.
do not include the $ sign
This has no effect on Dutch Auctions
Bid Increment:
do not include the $ sign
This has no effect on Dutch Auctions
Buy It Now Price:
With this option a buyer can buy your item until the bidding starts for the price you set here
For No (Buy It Now) feature leave this 0.00
If DUTCH auction leave this 0.00
PLEASE NOTE: By placing an item up for bid you are making a CONTRACT between you and the buyer. Once you place an item, you may not retract it and you must sell it for the highest bid. In other words, if you don't want to sell it, don't place it up for bid! Registraton is required to sell an Item.

Auction Item Bulk Lister