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Simply type in the auction information and make selections as you normally would when posting a single auction. The Bulk Lister does not allow for uploading images to use with your auction item auction, but if you already have a image hosted some where on the net (a website) then you can enter the image url into the Image URL cell.

Once you have filled in all the required information for the first auction, click on the "Next" button to continue to the next auction data page.

Once you have completed all your auction data you wish to post, click on the "Review All Items" button. A new window will open that reqests your User ID and password. From there, you are taken to a page displaying the auctions information.

If you do not wish to post a specific auction, deselect the check mark next to that auction. If any data is incorrect, such a category, note which auction (by title) it is and close this window. Go back to your Bulk Lister window and make any changes you wish to make. Repeat the posting process by clicking on the "Review All Items" button.

If you receive an error, such as the title being too long, close that window, go back to the Bulk Lister window and correct the infraction.
At this point you must refresh the window (Click on the browser's Refresh button or right click for short cut menu and select Reload) for the changes to take affect. Then proceed by clicking on the "Review All Items" button.

Close Window